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Six Steps to End Obesity

Six Steps to End Obesity

Obesity rates in the United States are 37% and in children age 2 to 19, 17% are considered obese. 50 years ago, the obesity...

Bad Teeth to Early Grave: The Link Between Dental Disasters and Heart Havoc

An interesting study recently performed by Dr. Hamad Mohammed Qabha linked dental health to an increase in heart disease.   ...

Food Poisoning: A Common and Dangerous Health Problem

Food poisoning is the invasion and infection of our body by a variety of food borne microorganisms. These microorganisms can...

The Wizard of Oz, Health Care and Politics

The Real Answer to Our Health Care Dilemma In the Wizard of Oz Dorothy’s quest to return to Kansas was solved by Glinda, the...

The Secret to Significant, Predictable Weight Loss

Obesity is a massive epidemic in the US. It is now estimated that 70% of our country is either overweight or obese...

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