Welcome To Vital 100 Wellness

Vital 100 Wellness is dedicated to assisting you in achieving a high level of health and quality of life.  Your quality of life depends on your level of health, and at Vital 100 Wellness we work with you to create a well rounded plan for optimal health, optimal performance, and optimal life.

How We Can Help You Achieve Optimal Health

  • Cutting edge tools and lifestyle enhancement
  • Health and motivation strategies
  • Providing supplements and resources for optimal healing
  • Personalize health coaching
  • Group and Corporate wellness programs
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What Our Clients Say

The team at Vital100 Wellness and Dr. Bob are amazing in the broad knowlege they bring to bear on helping my family get healthy.   You are missing the boat if you do not at least consult them as their wisdom is priceless.
“If you truly want to be healthy without another prescription contact Vital 100 Wellness. Dr. Bob and his team understand health and really how to get you healthy.”
“I was looking for answers to my many health issues for over 10 years. With the many doctors I saw I realized they didn’t know how to get people healthy. That is when I found Dr Bob and Vital100Wellness. Don’t waste 10 years; contact them right away.”
“Even though I was skeptical with what the team at Vital 100 Wellness was recommending I was desperate. Was I glad I did work with the team. A nice side benefit of my new found great health was that I lost 29 lbs in 4 months. Amazing!”
“Our company needed a “shot in the arm” since our bottom line was stagnant. Enter Health Awareness Ventures and one year later our bottom line was significantly in the black and our employees are much happier.”
V. Ballentine
M. Kreston
T. Sinclaire
L. Trestow
J. Smythe