Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness at its Best

Organizational Productivity and Workforce Health

Improve Your Bottom Line Through Healthier, More Focused, Energized Executives and Workforce

No one can be productive if they are not healthy, focused and energized.

Imagine how productive an organization or company can be in which all members are optimally healthy, mentally focused and highly energized.

The value of Health Awareness Ventures is that we can predictably achieve those goals without health challenging pharmaceuticals, artificial stimulants or superficial strategies.

When members of an organization are healthier and more focused the collective increased productivity will manifest as an improved bottom line.

Your company’s improved bottom line will vary directly with how well the organization embraces our corporate wellness program.

A Harvard Study has shown that a robust wellness program can improve an organization’s bottom line by 18- 23%.

All wellness programs are not created equal. Health Awareness Ventures ( combines traditional medical health strategies with the latest technology, revealing functional testing and top tier natural products custom suited for each individual’s health issues and goals. This integrative strategy is the secret to raising every member’s productivity and simultaneously your organization’s bottom line, as well.

Let us show you the amazing value Health Awareness Ventures will bring to your organization. Let Health Awareness Ventures ( work with you to an improved bottom line………. Contact: [email protected] to bring Health Awareness Ventures to your group or company for a dramatically improved bottom line.

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