Meet Dr. Robert Johnson

Dr Bob Johnson

Dr. Robert Johnson is a unique health practitioner who utilizes his broad training in multiple areas of health when coaching and consulting individuals, groups and companies. He feels that attaining optimal health requires an integrative approach utilizing several health concepts, approaches and life style changes.

His formal professional training is as a biologic dentist (University of Pennsylvania Dental School) but has extensive training and education in naturopathy, osteopathic medicine and integrative medicine.

Nevertheless, he readily admits his most important learning and health philosophies were developed with extensive first hand training with the world’s top clinicians from the prestigious clinics in Europe, the Orient and the US.

Dr. Robert’s other passion is to work with top performers in athletics and business. This passion emanates from his years as a United States national class runner and triathlete. He personally walks the health message he brings to his patients.

Dr. Robert’s predominant work is with clients who are more interested in a natural, healthy approach to health care in addition to working with clients who have not attained health resolutions in the traditional medical, pharmaceutically based health care system.

Dr. Robert’s personal passion and caring are obvious to all his clients and he feels that the most important interaction with his clients is to build a strong and caring relationship.

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