Meet Dr. Bob Johnson

Dr. Bob Johnson is a unique health practitioner who utilizes his broad training in multiple areas of health when coaching and consulting individuals, organizations and companies. He believes that attaining optimal health requires an integrative approach utilizing several health concepts, approaches and lifestyle changes. His unique approach helps identify root causes of unresolved health issues.

Dr. Bob has extensive training in integrative medicine and naturopathy, with additional training in osteopathic medicine, nutritional medicine and cranial therapy. He was trained as a biologic dentist at the University of Pennsylvania Dental School.  He has also studied with top clinicians from prestigious clinics in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Dr. Bob’s other passion is to work with athletes and to keep himself healthy with daily workouts and a healthy lifestyle.   He was an elite athlete who was ranked 35th in the US in the Marathon and he has run two Iron Man Triathlons. This experience gave him unique insight into challenges faced by athletes and unique techniques to enhance performance, endurance and recovery.


He earned degrees from Boston University (BS), the University of Pennsylvania Dental School (DMD), and Capital University of Integrative Medicine (ND & Integrative Medicine)



Meet Julianne O’Dwyer

Julianne is an avid hiker, skier & athlete who successfully recovered from a catastrophic health crash – tick-borne illness, mercury amalgam poisoning, hormone & thyroid imbalance, chronic fatigue, candida, digestive, sinusitis and mold issues, along with debilitating back & shoulder issues resulting from car accidents and sports injuries. Her drive to resume athletic pursuits motivated her through trial and error to investigate many natural health care approaches and supplements. Finally, Julianne regained her health and fitness taking a natural approach.
As a result of her triumphant return back to health and fitness, Julianne left her corporate telecom career to help people, especially athletes, overcome their own health challenges. She moved from Colorado back to Virginia. As a Health Coach at National Integrated Health Associates, a leading integrative medical and holistic dental clinic in Washington, DC, Julianne worked with clients to support their bodies with lifestyle changes, including nutrition, supplementation, hydration with alkaline water from ionizer unit, cellular rebuilding with REDOX technology and detoxification techniques. Now, Julianne is an independent Health Coach who helps people overcome health and fitness challenges taking a natural approach.
Julianne fulfilled a life-long dream of trekking in Nepal and has partnered with a Nepalese trekking and touring company to take adventurers to Nepal once travel restrictions are lifted.
She earned a BA from the University of Vermont & an international MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management/Arizona State University. As an international consultant, Julianne lived and worked in Geneva, Eastern Europe and Moscow.
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