Personalized Health Coaching

Good health and a high quality of life are affected by several factors above and beyond your own motivations. These factors include a stressful, toxic environment in which we live, unhealthy life styles and a huge amount of misinformation about attaining and maintaining your health.

Anyone who wants to reach an optimal level of success in any field (athletics, finances, most subjects and disciplines) uses a coach.

Why not utilize a health coach for the most important issue in your life -that of your health- to achieve optimal wellness.

Personalized Health Coaching

Dr. Johnson closely works with his clients to guide them on their pathway to reach and remain healthy. His personal health coaching will address:

  • Your lifestyle as it affects overall health
  • Your genetic constitution and how to overcome the genetic messages that code for disease and illness
  • How to assess health changes before they become illnesses, usually avoiding a pharmaceutical approach
  • Critical issues as they affect health such as nutrition, activity level, sleep, emotional makeup and how to deal with emotional stresses
  • How to monitor and track your advancement toward optimal health and energy along with the prevention of disease and illness
  • How to hold back the inevitable advancement of age
  • How to eventually take control of your health at any age

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