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Do you have unresolved chronic or nagging health or fitness issues? Are you frustrated because you and your practitioners have been unable to identify the underlying causes of your health or fitness challenges? Do you want to finally identity root causes and address these obstacles so that you can take your health and fitness to the next level?


Do you experience side effects from your current treatments? Do you want to be healthy without these side effects?


Have you tried a variety of supplements or techniques which have not resolved your issues? Is it possible that you are not taking the right supplements for your body chemistry?


Do you want to prevent health issues from developing into serious conditions?


Is it time for you to get a second or third opinion from a practitioner who specializes in identifying and addressing root causes so that you experience both short and long term results?

For over 35 years, Dr Bob Johnson has been resolving health issues taking a natural approach. As a naturopathic doctor, holistic dentist and craniosacral therapist, Dr Bob incorporates several unique and powerful techniques to identify underlying causes of health issues and recommend treatment programs. As a natural leader and educator in the field of integrative/functional medicine and dental health, he has posted over 400 online videos. In “Skyrocket Your Bottom Line,” Dr Bob outlines steps to improve employees’ health and productivity through corporate wellness programs, which in turn contributes to enhancing the bottom line revenue of companies and organizations. 


At a young age, Dr Bob’s passion for helping people began as he observed his father, who was an OB/GYN, deliver babies and enhance womens’ health. He noticed that the traditional medical methods used by his father often did not address the underlying cause of patients’ health issues. As a result, Dr Bob decided to take a different approach and learn holistic methods to address and resolve health issues. For many years, he has studied with leading researchers and practitioners in Asia, Europe and the US, who teach cutting edge natural methods that identify and address the underlying cause of illness and resolve chronic health problems.


Many of Dr. Bob’s patients have become disillusioned with the health care system because they have not found answers to their nagging, unresolved health challenges. He has successfully helped many patients achieve optimal health by taking an integrative approach, utilizing a number of unique and cutting edge health concepts, tools and lifestyle changes. 

Since each patient has unique genetics and lifestyles, he finds that a customized program is effective in addressing a range of health issues including:

• Blood sugar imbalance

• Cold/flu/bacterial/viral issues

• Blood pressure imbalance

• Erectile dysfunction

• Digestive & stomach issues

• Fatigue

• Headaches/migraines

• Hormone & emotional imbalance

• Memory, focus & attention deficit issues

• Joint/muscle pain management

• Intolerances – food, inhalants, molds, pollen

• Stress/anxiety/sleep issues

• Mercury amalgam fillings & teeth/dental issues

• Infant/children’s health

• Environmental toxins – chemicals, metals, pesticides, herbicides

• Individual supplement needs

Techniques used to identify root causes and treatments include:

• Genetic testing

• Electro Dermal Screening (EDS)

• Autonomic Response Testing (ART) or Applied Kinesiology 


Based on Chinese medicinal practices and techniques, Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) is an FDA approved, non-invasive, all-natural and proactive approach to health and wellness. Over 30,000 health professionals in the US and globally utilize EDS to identify underlying causes and develop customized, natural treatment programs.AT IS ED


The process of EDS testing uses electromagnetic fields to measure electrical resistance along pathways or meridians. This cutting edge technology permits Dr Bob to measure and test your body to help identify blockages in your energetic flow directed to organs, glands and systems. As it measures your body’s energy fields at predetermined acupuncture or meridian points, this guides Dr Bob in determining the energetic root cause of your health issues and suggest natural alternatives. This technique helps men, women, children and even infants achieve optimal health.


Another highly sensitive and accurate form of bio-feedback testing is Autonomic Response Testing (ART), which uses Applied Kinesiology, developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD.  It provides feedback which allows Dr Bob to identify the stressed condition or blockages in your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) called ‘blocked regulation.’ It refers to the inability of your ANS to self-regulate and is typically caused by the following factors: chemical toxicity, chronic unresolved infections, undiagnosed food allergies, scars, heavy metal toxicity, temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, unresolved psycho-emotional stress and electromagnetic stress from cell phones/laptops/microwaves.  ART is practiced by noting changes in your muscle strength as an organ, gland, substance or function is being tested. ART incorporates techniques from a range of disciplines, including Applied Kinesiology and biophotonic physics,


As a former elite athlete, Dr. Bob is passionate about supporting athletes and helping them achieve optimal performance, endurance and recovery. As a marathon runner, he was ranked 35th in the US Olympic trials in the 1980’s. This experience provided him with unique insight into challenges faced by athletes, which he incorporated into a program to help them reach their health and fitness goals.  Dr Bob stays fit through bicycling, rowing and weight workouts, along with a healthy diet, adequate hydration, quality sleep and high quality supplements.


Dr Bob earned degrees from Boston University (BS), Capital University of Integrative Medicine (ND & Integrative Medicine) and the University of Pennsylvania Dental School (DMD).    

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