Corporate Wellness
for Optimal Performance

Companies, corporations and organizations are more productive and profitable when all executives and members of the workforce are performing at their highest levels.

As your workers and executives improve their health and energy, they will be more creative, communicative and innovative. As your workforce enhances performance, it will help differentiate your company from others in your space and increase your bottom line. 

Corporate Wellness

To achieve these critical qualities, our Corporate Wellness Program brings
to its corporate and organizational clients the following benefits:

To achieve these critical qualities our Corporate Wellness Program brings to its corporate and organizational clients the following benefits

Improved Overall Health

If every executive and member of the workforce is measurably healthier, they will perform and produce at a higher level. With our special assessment tools early problems can be detected and reversed.

When people wrestle with chronic illness, it can result to lower productivity. We help strengthen immunity so that workers are healthier and more productive.

Improved overall health is the biggest leverage point for improved corporate performance and a better bottom line.

Additionally, a healthier workforce will decrease turnover, assist recruiting and usually decrease health insurance costs.

Better Stress Management

Stress in the workforce has short and long term negative consequences. Short-term manageable stress can at times improve performance, but has deleterious effects if the stress continues. Short-term stress can, at times drive performance. However, if stress continues in the long-term, it can have damaging effects.

Managing stress involves external and internal strategies and must be customized for each person within the work force for effective results.

Corporate Wellness assists the entire workforce improve stress management skills and strategies without prescription medications.

A workforce that can better manage stress is more productive, happier and healthier.

Higher Energy Levels

When individuals have more energy, they are sick less frequently and communicate more effectively. This helps charge the collective energy of the whole company.

We find that higher energy people are sick less frequently and are better communicators. Greater energy is achieved by coaching the workforce to improve lifestyles, increase physical activity, achieve better sleep and balance inner chemistry.

Increasing personal energy is not difficult to achieve if you know several simple strategies and techniques.

Healthier Work Environment

A healthy work environment impacts overall health and performance significantly.

Polluted air, noxious outgassing of carpets and furniture, microbes (molds and viruses) and adverse electrical frequencies will impede every person’s performance and possibly make many sick.

We provide practical steps to detect and reduce environmental toxicity in the office.

Health Consultations

Corporate Wellness provides the tools, technology and health strategies to customize individual health in order to improve health, which can achieve dramatic results for the entire company or organization.

Each person is unique in his or her overall health, which is addressed in our health assessments. Our practical approach empowers individuals to improve performance.

Increased Focus

As the collective workforce feels healthier, workers are able to focus with purpose and intention. This enhances productivity and improves the bottom line.

We help improve individual focus through coaching and balancing brain chemistry with natural solutions that work.

These are all part of the Corporate Wellness Program customized to your company.


All strategies and activities in corporate wellness are directed toward increasing overall productivity by improving productivity of all individuals within that company, corporation or organization.

Health consulting (ie Corporate Wellness for Optimal Performance) for companies and organizations will include
The intent of Corporate Wellness is to bring all individuals (executives and workforce) to a higher level of health, energy and production.

The Consultation Process

During the initial consultation, we will evaluate the following:

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