Vital 100 Products

Flora Syntrope

The health of the gut and bowel is dependant on the healthy microbial population called the microbiome.   Flora Syntrope restores the all important microbiome in exactly the right areas of the small and large intestines.   A healthy microbiome controls …

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Inflamma Life Force

This all natural product is highly effective at reducing inflammation which is the underlying cause of all illness and pain.   Reducing inflammation will help to prevent disease and dramatically reduce pain of all types


Hepatagest is critical for liver support, detoxification and drainage of toxins and wastes.   This is important for the health of the liver and gallbladder which serve many functions and if not cleansed will be the source of much disease …

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Hypozymase is a combination of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes critical for digestion and absorption of nutrients.   Taken between meals hypozymase will reduce inflammation.

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