Episode #23 – Nearly Dead to Beyond Functional (Dr. Edward Granat)

After surviving both a plane crash and severe chronic illness, Edward Granat, DC, has become an expert in functional wellness, helping thousands with his practice in Buffalo Grove, IL and his astounding social media presence.

Dr. Granat’s story is a fascinating one, from his Eastern European roots to his extensive education at the University of Toronto, you won’t want to miss him share his wisdom on how health is best approached: in a way that considers structure, nutrition, emotion, energy, and the delicate balance that exists between them.

To learn more about Dr. Granat and stay up-to-date on his breadth of FREE health acumen, check out the links below!
• www.granatwellnesscenter.com
• www.patreon.com/dredwardgranat
• @dredwardgranatdc
• @dr.edwardgranat
• @DrEdwardGranat

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