This Natural Supplement Should Be In Your Medicine Cab: It Has So Many Critical Uses

Activated Charcoal is an amazing natural product first used in Egypt around 1500 BC to remove body odors. Yet it is now becoming more widely used for many purposes both in health and hygiene.
Activated Charcoal is made from burnt wood, peat or coconut shell and treated with oxygen to create pores in the charcoal. These pores absorb toxins, drugs and harmful substances. 

The most obvious use of Activated Charcoal is to orally consume it to absorb toxins in the mouth (these are toxins from toxic metals such as mercury containing amalgam fillings and toxins from gum infections) and in the Gastrointestinal (GI) system. It can also be used on the skin for oils and even for acne although there is not enough research to fully recommend Activated Charcoal for skin problems. Nevertheless one of the advantages of activated charcoal is the general absence of adverse reactions.

Important Uses of Activated Charcoal
The most commonly understood use of Activated Charcoal is when it is orally consumed to absorb toxins in the GI system. It has been shown to be highly successful for diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, stomach upset and food poisoning. It has also shown to be highly effective in its use for stomach flu.

Once Activated Charcoal gets into the bloodstream it has demonstrated an ability to cleanse the blood, critical for treating common toxicity. This occurs with drug overdoses both illicit drugs (recreational) and pharmaceutical grade overdoses. Activated Charcoal has also been used effectively with alcohol intoxication to accelerate recovery. I have been told that Activated Charcoal can eliminate or mitigate next day hang over symptoms after too much drinking.

Activated Charcoal is also known to be effective for liver and kidney toxicity (much more common than is reported) as well as to bind to large intestine (colon) toxins and assist with their excretion before they are reabsorbed by the body.

Concerns with Activated Charcoal
One concern with Activated Charcoal is that it absorbs most vitamins and minerals and several medicines (some cancer drugs, several heart medications, Tylenol and several antidepressants) and as such Activated Charcoal should not be taken within 2 hours of taking supplements or most prescription drugs as their efficacy will be reduced.

Because Activated Charcoal is so effective and results in few if any side effects it should be a staple in everyone’s medicine cabinet. It can be enormously useful for adults for that occasional food poisoning and upset stomach. Lesser doses (half an adult capsule) can be taken for children under 10 and probably avoided for children 5 years or younger except in extreme poisoning emergencies.

Remember to Enjoy the Journey,
Vital100 Wellness Team

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