Six Steps to End Obesity

Obesity rates in the United States are 37% and in children age 2 to 19, 17% are considered obese.

50 years ago, the obesity rates were one- third what they are now indicating this is not a genetic issue but a lifestyle issue.

The causes of obesity in the US rest squarely on the consumption of junk food (marketing of junk food has risen dramatically and is very deceptive) and the decrease in physical activity, aka exercise.

The top 8 diseases related to obesity account for 75% of the health care costs in the US.   You can prevent becoming a statistic with knowledge.

These diseases include Type II diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, dementia and cancer.

Poorer people and many ethnic groups (Hispanics, African Americans are at the top of the list) have higher rates of obesity and thus chronic illnesses mainly due to low consumption of healthy foods and lack of exercise.

The solutions to the obesity problem are:

  • A realization that obesity is a huge health risk
  • Reduction in how much we eat and a decrease in junk food we consume
  • Increasing the raw food (fruits and vegetables) we eat while decreasing the foods with labels of all the ingredients
  • Increasing physical activity for all ages
  • Decreasing carbohydrates and increasing good fats (nuts, oils, avocados) while increasing fiber intake
  • Increasing the discussion of what constitutes good, healthy nutrition with children and adolescents

Obesity and resulting chronic illnesses are a serious problem in the US and many developed countries worldwide.   The discussions and practices of health must begin at an early age as poor habits and early age obesity can condemn a person to a lifetime of illness which is difficult to overcome.    Do not wait until obesity becomes obvious as an adult as many diseases will have begun manifesting due to weight gain before a person is considered obese.    Start learning how to eat right, exercise regularly and incorporate these “habits” into your daily life before your health is the victim.  Health is your most important asset-  cherish, protect and maintain it.

Enjoy the journey,

Dr. Bob and Team

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