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Episode #32 – Think Before You Ink

Thinking about getting a tattoo or adding to your existing ink? Think again! Today Dr. Bob explains how this trendy and culturally beloved art form is damaging to the lymph system, carcinogenic, and negatively effects the body’s natural...

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Episode #16 – Calcium (Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue)

Dr. Kate is an accomplished naturopath, author and educator from Canada whose recent work focuses on the relationship between some of the most popular and well-studied vitamins: Vitamin D and Calcium. In this interview, she shares how another...

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Episode #13 – Summer Health Tips

Summer is many people’s favorite season, and it is full of many healthful opportunities! Increased sun exposure can provide people with adequate levels of Vitamin D3, and the warm weather encourages many to get outdoors and be active...

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