The Wizard of Oz, Health Care and Politics

The Real Answer to Our Health Care Dilemma
In the Wizard of Oz Dorothy’s quest to return to Kansas was solved by Glinda, the good witch when she said to Dorothy “You always had the power.”
Fortunately in health care every person has the power within them to solve their own health care problems.
Individuals (at least 90% of the individuals in the US) can significantly reduce health care costs, can recover from illness, can dramatically slow aging and can prevent most illnesses. To do so they must know the simple, inexpensive tools at their disposal and be proactive in their own health. This really means they must take responsibility for their health and not leave it totally to someone who cares less about their health than they do.
Politics of Health
The political problems with our health care are two-fold.
First, the control our pharmaceutical and food industries have are enormous. These two huge industries have massive control of your health and put forth messages that all our problems are solved with an expensive drug and our food should contain chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavors. Both of these scenarios are a jeopardy to our health.
Second, these industries control our legislative process through lobbying of Congress to the point where they have relatively unrestricted control of what we consume. Unfortunately profits not health is their motivation.

The “political jousting” we are seeing in Washington (Obama care vs. Trump care) is quite discouraging. Health care and the coverage for health are being held hostage to this political fighting.
It almost appears that partisan politics and what message legislators are sending to their electorate are more important than health and health care coverage.
On the surface your health and the coverage for health care appear on life support due to :
-Environmental toxicity -Poor nutrition and low nutrient levels in our foods -Massive amounts of health misinformation -High costs of health and health care coverage
Deteriorating health leading to shorter life expectancy for the first time ever
If this is the only perspective it is no wonder people get discouraged and default to blindly following the message emanating from pharmaceuticals and the sugar, chemical focused food industry.
Nevertheless, there is an increasingly hopeful concept coming to the rescue to this seemingly dire scenario.

You Have Always Had the Power
When it comes to your health and the cost of health you have always had the power. At least 90% of the population can have top health at a very low monetary cost. The tools and knowledge are available.
Imagine if you had high energy all day, rarely (possibly never) became ill, you could easily deal with anxiety, every night you slept well and could add 20+ healthy years to your life.
If you could achieve all of the above you could actually lower your health insurance costs by only needing to cover catastrophic illness such as an accident sending you to the hospital.
Although optimal health must be customized for each individual if you diligently incorporated the following critical health practices your health and longevity would dramatically improve.  
Simultaneously your health care costs (eg medications, doctor visits, surgical copayments and down time) would dramatically decrease.

  • Get a simple genetics test (this is a simple saliva sample; low cost) to guide your eating, supplementation and life style
  • Dramatically increase healthy fats (omega 3’s, nuts, avocados, olive and coconut oils, eggs, salmon) while decreasing sugar and carbohydrates. Becoming a fat burner not a sugar burner. Read the book “Fat for Fuel”
  • Drink lots of clean water while decreasing sodas
  • Use digestive enzymes with all meals
  • Begin to replace medications with equally effective and healthy alternatives
  • Exercise 3 or more times per week for at least 30 minutes
  • Use foods, supplements and herbs that decrease inflammation
  • Employ strategies to reduce accumulated toxicity
  • Optimize sleep- create an optimal sleeping environment
  • Nutrition with raw foods, less processed foods
  • Take vitamins D3, B’s and C with a good source of minerals
  • Decrease stress- exercise and Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Continually replenish gut flora (eg fermented vegetables)
  • Maintain a healthy mouth- see a Biologic Dentist -Stop smoking (even second hand smoking), excessive alcohol consumption and recreational drugs
  • Finally, I would highly recommend using a knowledgeable health coach and/ or continue to read reliable health information

I can assure you that if most or all of these are followed your health will dramatically improve. You will also recover from most illnesses and the quality of your life will significantly improve.  
A huge benefit will be that your health care costs will drop significantly. Pursuing health is a great investment that will quickly pay dividends.
For advice on health coaching contact me directly at: 

Enjoy the Journey,

Vital 100 Wellness Team

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