Effectively Manage Menopausal Symptoms Without Hormones

The time of menopause in a woman’s life is usually anticipated with anxiety for many women. The symptoms characteristic of menopause are primarily a result of declining estrogen levels.
Management of menopause to decrease these symptoms (there are 11 menopausal symptoms which are generally monitored) has evolved from synthetic hormones (horse urine estrogens and synthetic progesterones) to bioidentical hormones- hormones biochemically identical to the hormones which are declining in a woman’s body.
A non-hormonal approach discovered used in Germany since 1993 has been shown to be up to 83% effective at reducing menopausal symptoms in women.
This non-hormone product is an extract of Siberian Rhubarb. Women who prefer not taking hormones (synthetic or bioidentical) and those wanting a natural, highly effective product to alleviate their menopausal symptoms have embraced the use of this natural product. Declining estrogen affects not only a woman’s breasts, uterus and ovaries but other tissues including bones, heart, brain, blood vessels, skin, lungs and fat tissues.
Estrogen function in the body
Estrogen has 2 binding sites within the body. The estrogen receptors alpha (ER alpha) are found in breasts, ovaries and the uterus. When activated the ER alpha receptors affect a woman’s sex organs.
The Beta Estrogen Receptors are in other tissues and when activated with estrogen produce non sexual effects in these tissues. Non-specific hormone drugs activate both alpha and beta receptors can help minimize menopausal symptoms but can initiate undesirable effects in sexual tissues such as breast or uterine cancer. The best approach is to selectively stimulate beta receptors with little effect on alpha receptors.
The extract of Siberian Rhubarb selectively activates beta estrogen receptors to achieve symptomatic relief without undesirable stimulation of alpha estrogen receptors that increase the chance of reproductive tissue growth.
Siberian Rhubarb extract selectively stimulates beta estrogen receptors. Beta Estrogen Receptors are activated 13.5 times greater than alpha receptors with Siberian Rhubarb extract.
It was found that Siberian Rhubarb extract selectively affects the brain hypothalamus where temperature regulation is located. This stimulation will then minimize hot flashes.
It is determined that 4 mg daily of Siberian Rhubarb extract decreases the following menopausal symptoms by up to 83% across all effected tissues:

  • Hot flashes
  • Heart discomfort
  • Sleep changes
  • Depressive moods
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Sexual Problems
  • Bladder changes
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Joint and muscle discomfort

All these symptoms are effectively decreased with Siberian Rhubarb extract 4 mg daily.
One study showed 109 peri-menopausal women decreased symptoms by 54% with Siberian Rhubarb extract versus a placebo group on  all scores.
Another study with 112 peri-menopausal women reduced their symptoms by 75% and hot flashes decreased 83% versus the placebo group.
Siberian Rhubarb extract has been shown to significantly improve mood related symptoms by 66%.
Finally, women in the placebo groups began taking Siberian Rhubarb extract caught up to the supplemented group in symptom relief by the end of a 2 month study.
To date there have been NO adverse changes in tissues even in Germany where 6.7 million doses have been used since Siberian Rhubarb extract has been a menopausal symptom suppression option.
Additionally women who are past their menopausal years have seen demonstrably better feelings of well-being and actual age reversing effects once they begin taking Siberian Rhubarb extract 4 mg daily.
This is truly a natural product worth further examination in light of the fact that no adverse effects have ever been observed.

Enjoy the Journey,
Vital100 Wellness Team

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