Shocking Research on Highly Promoted Flu Vaccines

The flu vaccines of the last few years as recommended by the US government have been a disaster. A huge study by the FDA of 16 million Medicare patients showed that last year 80% who received the flu vaccine still got the flu. 

36% of all recipients in the US who received the Flu Vaccine did not get the flu (the other 64% did contract the flu) and some who received the flu vaccine became sick directly related to the vaccine.  The opinion of many health experts is that flu epidemics are getting worse as a result of wide spread vaccination campaigns. 
A study by the University of Maryland found that those receiving the Flu Vaccine were 6 times more likely to pass on the Flu Virus via simple breathing (called aerosol shedding) without even sneezing or coughing.
It appears that the flu vaccines are making flu transmission worse. This suggests that an effective flu prevention strategy would be to avoid people who have gotten the flu vaccine as they appear to transmit the flu virus more easily.

Flu Prevention Strategies
There are very effective ways to prevent getting the flu as shown by research.

1) Wash hands with soap and water regularly- contact with your nose, eyes and mouth will spread the virus when you touch others and any surfaces with your hands. Washing removes over 90% of germs on your hands. Hand washing should include cleaning under your fingernails where many viruses reside.

2) Avoid hand driers- hand driers spread viruses around the bathrooms. These viruses remain contagious for 30 minutes. Paper towels are more effective at decreasing the spread of these viruses.

3) Rinse your face- rinse your face (eyes, nose and mouth) to rinse off viruses. You can immerse your whole face in a bowel or sink of warm water. Cover your eyes, nose and mouth then blink several times and blow your nose while submerged especially if you feel you have been exposed to someone who has demonstrated they have the flu.

4) Increase your immunity- use B complex vitamins, vitamin C (at least 500mg twice a day) and vitamin D3 (up to 10,000 IU per day). 400mg of Magnesium and /or 100mcg Selenium all ward off the flu virus or prevent catching the flu effectively.

5) Adaptogens- for a healthy balance of the body to give your immune system the most effective tools and energy to avoid contracting the flu. Ashwaganda (500mg per day); Panax ginseng (250-500 mg/day)

6) Herbs taken at the first signs of the flu-  Echinacea, goldenseal, elderberry all decrease the length and severity of colds and the flu. It is most effective to brew these herbs as a tea (versus a pill or capsule) with lemon, ginger and a healthy honey.  Preventing the health challenging flu is critical. The flu vaccine has been shown not only to be ineffective but even counter-productive. 

Thinking you are avoiding the flu when you have been vaccinated is naive and will not guard against contracting the flu unless you also incorporate the other preventive measures described above.

The above discussed preventive and natural health strategies have been shown to be much more effective at not allowing the Flu Virus to result in you contracting the flu this coming season.

Enjoy the Journey,

Vital100 Wellness Team

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