The US Obesity Epidemic: A True Health Crisis

Tools and Strategies for Predictable Weight Loss
The most significant health crisis is the United States is the obesity epidemic. 70% of the US population is either overweight or actually obese.
Most people feel that being overweight is an esthetic concern but more importantly excessive weight is actually a significant health challenge. Excessive fat cells create chronic inflammation which damages tissues throughout the body.
These extra fat cells also distort hormone balance, store toxins and reduce the immune system’s infection and disease fighting capacity. Additionally, the excessive weight accelerates joint, bone and connective tissue degeneration.
Weight loss to health promoting levels is obviously necessary to decrease the chance of disease or illness. Many people cycle through multiple diets and strategies to lose weight but most are either ineffective or cannot maintain their achieved weight loss.
Most diets and strategies are undertaken but ignore physiology and body metabolism with poor long term results. Although successful weight loss strategies would fill volumes the following are critical and necessary components to permanent and healthy weight loss:

  • Speeding up metabolism with correct nutrition, exercise and supplements. Developing a fat burning metabolism is important
  • Physical activity is necessary. Blend aerobic and anaerobic activity • Decrease sugar and carbohydrate consumption
  • Decrease overall food intake while eating more vegetables • Intermittent fasting; not eating for 12-15 hour block each day; this takes a while to work towards. Do this slowly.
  • Optimize body elimination
  • Optimize thyroid function; your thyroid controls metabolism
  • Inhibit conversion of sugars and carbohydrates to fat storage
  • No snacking between meals
  • Optimal sleep
  • Build muscle, tissue which significantly accelerates metabolism
  • Mineral balance and water intake are critical

Each person’s journey to weight loss and health is individual. Being focused and committed to weight loss and health is critical. Armed with the above strategies while you are developing a healthier life style will deliver you to predictable, permanent weight loss.

Enjoy the Journey,
Vital100 Wellness Team

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